What to Expect

What can I expect from an Expanding Inward event?

what to expect Some of the answers to this question can be found here. Storytelling and music, trance and ecstatic ritual…these are some of the methods most central to the work we offer. They are, ultimately, our tools. But this question isn’t really about methods, is it? Let’s take a look at the flow of a weekend event.


Our weekend intensives generally begin with a welcome session designed to introduce participants to each other, and to the intention and overall flow of the event. We offer thematically-relevant rituals each evening in which we integrate and deepen the work we do together over the course of the weekend. The morning and afternoon sessions may include a variety of different ways to access the theme – discussion, experiential activities, writing, even movement and sound. We also offer a closing session in which we can process and discuss our experience as a group. Woven in amongst these sessions and rituals, you’ll find time for reflection and for interesting conversation with old friends and new. Within this framework, two key elements reflect our strongly-held values and beliefs about how to do deep, individual personal work in community:


We believe that magic is not diminished by information. Indeed, we have learned that being informed makes it possible to relax and sink fully into the experience of the weekend. You can expect to be in the loop about logistics, before, during and even after the event. When it comes to ritual, you will know our intention for the work before the ritual begins, and you’ll be given as much information as possible to allow you to have the experience that you want and need to have. That’s not to say that there won’t be surprises, of course. Surprises are, occasionally, necessary. But do expect, at an event, to have all the information you need and probably even a little bit more. And trust that the magic will actually be deepened the more you know.


To do hard work – and make no mistake, personal work is typically hard – we have to be safe. That safety takes many forms; physical, emotional and psychological. A vital ingredient in the creation and maintenance of safe space is the valuing and upholding of the ideal of Choice. We offer this work as an option, not as a requirement. So what does that mean, exactly? If an exercise is too edgy for you, you can opt out. If a question posed during a session touches on a wound that you need to hold private, you can choose not to answer. We trust you to make good choices to ensure your own safety, and we will support those choices at every turn. Having said that…sometimes we humans confuse safety for comfort. Comfort is good, even necessary. Comfort often gets a bad rap, and we are certainly not a “No pain, no gain” kind of group. And yet. Comfort does tend to get in the way of growth, doesn’t it? So when making those choices, it behooves us to check in occasionally and see if that discomfort might be worth sitting with, or even welcoming, at least for a while. Amazing things can happen when we set comfort aside, even if only momentarily, in the interest of growth. Expect to be, not necessarily comfortable, but always safe at an Expanding Inward event.