Wren Anjali

My deepest dedication is to serving the Earth, being in nature, hands in the soil, eyes on the skies, engaged with Her delights, and supporting efforts of sustainability. As a passionate being I am blessed to be able to devote myself to what I love the most. Choice has led me to live in community, engaged in practices of spiritual communion, compassionate communication, shared resources and shared power. I believe healthy community is the foundation of all healing. I serve in the world as a mentor, teacher, healing practitioner, music-maker and storyteller. Co-creating experiences of transformational healing –including personal growth, leadership development, and ecstatic ritual – is my most cherished work. I am a gatherer with a passion for building group intimacy through voice, breath, sound, and movement, weaving harmonies with others, inviting every voice “in” because that is what makes the tapestry beautiful and complete. In my soul I carry a deep understanding of the necessity of humanity uniting to restore/re-story a life-fostering essential reality for these changing times. This is what I sing about, imagine, live for and pray for.