River Roberts

My life changed completely over the course of a few days in the summer of 1998. During that brief moment in time, I discovered ecstatic ritual, drumming, and improvisational singing—all of which have become key components of my spiritual practice. In that same brief moment, I also discovered the overwhelming power of people connecting in a vulnerable way as a community of seekers. That experience ignited a deep relationship to ecstasy that has influenced my work ever since. I have an intense passion for using voice, movement, music and connection to find the places where I am truly alive and aware, and as a teacher and facilitator, my goal is to inspire others to discover those places within themselves. My deepest divine relationships are with Mysterious Ones who hold the qualities of beauty, wildness, depth and change, and they influence my practice and permeate my way of being. In addition to my work with Expanding Inward, I am a teacher in the Reclaiming tradition. I have traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe teaching ecstatic ritual arts, music, and leadership development to a wide variety of communities and organizations.