Laurie Dietrich

I am a performance artist, a ritualist and a deathworker, and I see all of these as the same job. Our lives are shaped by Death, which imposes form from without, but within that outer boundary we shape our lives as an artist does. We push back. We expand. I’ve been blessed with a very large life… lots of space in which to explore my passion for truth, knowledge and creativity. As a theatre artist I write, direct and perform, and work primarily with an experimental theatre ensemble based in San Antonio, Texas. Having spent some time as a hospice chaplain, I now volunteer with local hospice agencies, and I am fortunate beyond measure to be free to travel to facilitate and co-create community-based ritual. In all of my roles I am interested in coherence. Coincidence. Simplicity. Integrity. I call myself a Shaper, and I do that work with words and silence, motion and stillness, pageant and darkness. My great teachers are Paradox, Necessity and Change. My spiritual practice is Buddhism. One of my deep joys is sharing the ideas, values and practices that have transformed my own life with others.