Jason Frey

I am in love with questions. Don’t get me wrong, answers are great and all, but a good question can keep me smiling for days. I guess that’s why I am so drawn to stories. True stories, made-up stories, mundane stories or epic sagas, I can’t get enough of them, because a good story seems to always bring about more questions than answers. It’s that love of questions and stories, I think, that makes personal and spiritual work so compelling for me. I believe that behind every person and every story lie a multitude of unasked questions, and that within each personal discussion or group ritual I might find answers that lead to still more questions. It’s a beautiful bit of magic that we make together, and that’s the thing – it’s magic that can only be made together. Experiencing this gift of shared questions and magic inspires me to share my own gifts as a storyteller, mentor, ritualist and facilitator.