Our Workshops

While our primary work is offering weekend intensives oriented toward personal and spiritual growth in a community context, we also offer a number of smaller skill-based workshop options in which we share some of the tools, processes and values that support our work together. These topics can be explored as one-day events, weekend retreats, or even week-long intensives. Each of the offerings below can be facilitated by two or more team members, and adapted to focus on the interests, skill level and needs of your particular group. This is a great way to introduce your community to some of us, and to receive skill-specific training. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing one of these workshops to your area.

Leadership in Community

Healthy, responsible leadership can be a challenge whether you are working in an Earth-based spiritual community, the boardroom, or the family room. Whether you need to hone your ability to provide effective feedback or learn the skills of direct and compassionate communication, this workshop can be tailored to address areas that best meet the needs of your group or your interests as a facilitator. We will take a look at core values on both the individual and organizational level, and strive towards a philosophy of leadership that supports, feeds, and enhances your community — in whatever form that community takes.

Myth as a Template for Spiritual Growth

A myth is a story that never happened and is always happening. -Cynthea Jones, Diana’s Grove Mystery School

Myth and story can serve as a framework for personal growth and bring a sense of timelessness to our magical work. Plus, let’s face it – they’re fun. But how do you find a story that supports the work that you want to offer? Whether you are offering a one-hour ritual, a weekend workshop, or a year-long exploration – this workshop will guide you towards identifying myths and stories that will empower your participants and deepen their relationships with themselves, each other, and the divine.

The Spirit of Sound

When we sing together, we breathe together. When we breathe together, our hearts beat together. And when our hearts beat together, we create a container for magic to happen. The core of ecstatic ritual is an embodied experience, and music can be an incredibly powerful tool to manifest exactly that. Let us tailor a personalized workshop for you and your group. Possibilities include chants and chant-writing, sound and ritual energetics, energy drumming, trance drumming, improvisational singing, and vocal health and sustainability. We’ll help you adapt one or more of these offerings to meet your community needs.

Speaking to the Subconscious: Facilitating Dual Voice Trance

Trance is a state of mind/being that enables us to tap into our inner resources and find answers that elude the conscious mind. The founders of Diana’s Grove, Cynthea Jones and Patricia Storm, adapted Ericsonian hypnotherapeutic approaches to group work, creating their powerful Dual Voice Trance Technique. Whether you’re leading healing, ritual or performance work for a circle of six or a room of 100, you can enable listeners to create their own inner world and discover their personal truth by speaking to the subconscious. In this skill-building weekend intensive, we will learn the basics of therapeutic language and how to apply them to trance and guided meditation. Taught by priestesses trained by the Grove’s founders, both of whom have taught and facilitated this work with them for years, this weekend offers a smorgasbord of skills, techniques, and possibilities for creating a transformative experience.

Present to Connection: Facilitating Ecstatic Ritual

The word ritual comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “the marriage of art and order,” and in this workshop, we will dive deeply into both of those aspects. We will aim to understand the “why” behind the “what” of Earth-based, ecstatic ritual in order to infuse it with inclusivity, depth, spontaneity and the sacred. Join us as we explore techniques to engage and connect with your participants, and to do it in a way that reflects and honors your values. This workshop is designed for both experienced ritual facilitators who want to add more tools to their toolkit, as well as anyone, regardless of experience level, who wants to understand the mechanics behind effective ritual.