Our History

Diana’s Grove Center and Mystery School, founded by Cynthea Jones and Patricia Storm, first came into being as a trance-journey vision in 1993, and manifested into 17 years, 140 acres, a land sanctuary, a dog rescue, and countless lives touched, changed, transformed.

Diana’s Grove, in Bunker, MO, offered personal work and leadership development in the context of an Earth-based Mystery School format that included monthly retreat intensives designed around archetypal stories and myths, and focusing on skills like large and small group dynamics and facilitation, creating and sustaining healthy community, and ritual arts, including trance work and frame drum.

Diana’s Grove hosted Midwest Reclaiming Camp and other public events, giving its staff and community the privilege of working with Layne Redmond, Ubaka Hill, Mimi Baczewska, Thorn Coyle, Trebbe Johnson, and Margot Adler.

The land was sold in 2011, and the final Mystery School intensive took place in November 2012. The philosophy and skills valued, practiced and taught at Diana’s Grove live on in the various groups and individuals influenced by what was offered there.

The Expanding Inward team are all graduates of Diana’s Grove Mystery School’s Rites of Passage (Leadership Training) Program, and spent a collective 25+ years on staff at the Grove in programming, planning, presenting and leadership roles.