The Shape of Our Dreams: The Ballad of Tam Lin

Date(s) - 04/17/2015 - 04/19/2015

Hollis Renewal Center, Kansas City KS

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Just at the mirk and midnight hour
The fairy folk will ride,
And they that would their true-love win,
At Miles Cross they must bide.’
They’ll turn me in your arms, lady,
To a red hot rod of iron;
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
I’ll do to you nae harm.

What is your true love? What is the dream that drives you, the essence that lives through you, the change you burn to make, the home you long to find?

Our dreams are often strikingly similar – to be healthy and happy, to love and be loved, to be of service in the world. But the shapes of those things – love, work, happiness – the shapes are shift-y, aren’t they? What looks like one thing may turn into another. How do you hold on to the truth of the End when the shape of the Means shifts?

We’ll gather to learn the faery-magic of shape-shifting, from the old story of the Ballad of Tam Lin. Like many old stories it is a tale about leaving home, growing up, taking responsibility – running into the wilds of adulthood and agency – crossing to the other side and bringing back something precious. It is an initiation. But in this story, we bring something precious back from the Otherworld by wrestling with its fearfully, sometimes painfully changing shape. We are not just witnesses but actual midwives to and participants in the transformation.

In the story, this transformation is faery-magic, but it is magic we can learn too. How do we recognize the face of our true love through all of its shifting forms? How do we take control of the powerful magic of shape-shifting ourselves? How do we story and sing and dance our own dreams into manifestation?

We’ll gather for a weekend to do just that – to re-story our stories, rearrange our very molecules with sound, move and breathe together to shape ourselves into a community that can labor through the birthing of a dream.

Registration and Logistics

Please note: The deadline for registration is March 17!

This event will be held at Hollis Renewal Center in Kansas City, KS. Registration will include all programming from Friday evening through Sunday at noon. Lunch and dinner on Saturday will also be included. Costs range from $125-$175 and include all programming from Friday evening through Sunday at noon. Lunch and dinner on Saturday and a continental breakfast Sunday are also included. Click here for more information and to register.


Camping in tents or with an RV is available for a small fee. You may register to camp by contacting the retreat center at

There is a block of discounted rooms available for our group at the Super 8 motel in Bonner Springs. The hotel is 10 minutes away from the retreat center. You may register under Expanding Inward. Please contact Robin at if you are interested in sharing a room.


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