Pandora: The Cost and the Gift

Date(s) - 10/17/2014 - 10/19/2014

Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists, Cedar Falls IA

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Her name means All-Gifted.
She was molded from the Earth by the gods and endowed with gifts of beauty, desire, grace, speech, and curiosity. They clothed her in silver and draped her with dripping jewels and fragrant garlands. When they breathed the breath of life into her still form, they gave her a jar filled with secrets and the warning to never ever open it.

Did they really think she never would?

Her name means All-Giving.
We know she opened the jar. And, the old stories say, “scattered pains and evils among men.” We know she opened the jar. But we don’t know why.

Her name means All-Endowed.
We know she was created, by order of an angry Zeus, to be “another gift to men, an evil thing for their delight, and all will love this ruin in their hearts.” She was created to be beautiful, irresistible and deadly. We know the stories told about her. But we’ve never heard the story she has to tell.

Her name means She Who Sends Up Gifts.
Who was Pandora? Who or what did she serve? Why did she open the jar, and what truly came out of it? All-Gifted by the gods, what does the All-Giving give to us? What are the gifts she brings? What is the cost she demands?

And what does it mean that Hope, alone, remained in that jar?

Join Expanding Inward as we explore these questions and more on a weekend-long journey through one of the oldest of the Greek myths. Join with a community of seekers as we form or strengthen a relationship with Pandora and her story using the tools of discussion, storytelling, trance, music, embodied movement, and much, much more.

Registration and Logistics

This event will be held at Cedar Valley Unitarian Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Those of you who attended the Descent of Inanna event in 2012 will likely remember this beautiful, inclusive space as fondly as we do.

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