Don’t Look Back: Orpheus & Eurydice

Date(s) - 03/28/2014 - 03/30/2014

Toddhall Retreat Center, Columbia IL


Walking in the dark. Feels like you’ve been walking forever. Everything you know, and love, is behind you. Ahead you see sunlight. New beginnings. A form unknown. Just don’t look back, and everything will be alright. Just don’t look back…

Orpheus looked back, and lost everything. Or did he?
Eurydice was left behind. Lost forever. Or was she?

What does their story have to tell us, as the seasons change? Is it about love and loss? The nature of Heroism? The power of self-expression? Is it about the wisdom of cycles? The necessity of moving forward? The gravity that holds us back? The nature of Story is that it holds many meanings. What parts of this story serve us, today? Teach us? Touch us? What parts will we re-tell to serve us better? And who are we, in relation to this myth? Are we the storytellers? Are we the heroes? Are we Eurydice who dies? Are we Orpheus who must live on without her? What if we’re all of these? What if we’re more?

Join us as we luxuriate in community while unpacking this ancient story of the one who must go on alone. As we step into Spring, what do we leave behind in Winter? As we walk out of Winter, what challenges, gifts and lessons await us in the Spring?

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