Hecate: The Wisdom of Cycles

Date(s) - 09/22/2017 - 09/24/2017

Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists, Cedar Falls IA

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At the Fall Equinox, we listen to an old, old story. Can you hear their voices? Demeter tells a story of loss, grief, and darkness. Persephone tells a story of awakening, desire, and wholeness. Two paths through this familiar tale. But, at the three-fold crossroads, Hecate stands. She waits for us. What is this third path to which she points?

Long, long ago, as the days were growing shorter, as the light was growing golden, in the heart-breaking beauty of the last breath of summer, Hecate heard a sound. Was it a cry of fear? A cry of joy? She knew only that it was a cry of change. That something new was coming into the world.

Later, when she heard the cries of Demeter, seeking in vain for her lost daughter, Persephone, Hecate lit her torches to fight off the darkness of the strange new season called winter. She found the grieving mother, brought her to the Sun God who sees all, and together they learned that Persephone had gone to the Underworld. And together they went in search of her there.

And when they found her, and when the bargain had been struck, and when Demeter left to return to the world above, awaiting the return of her daughter in the new cycle of the seasons that was the compromise wrought between the love of a mother for her daughter, and the love of a king for his queen… Hecate stayed. She stayed not as a prisoner. Not in thrall to the seasons. Free to come and go as she pleased, Hecate stayed as counselor to the new Queen of the Underworld. Wouldn’t you like to know what she taught her?

Join Expanding Inward this fall as we explore the deep wisdom of a being older than the seasons themselves. Through trance, movement, song, and story – we will cross the threshold into Hecate’s realm, listening to her counsel, perhaps learning why these cycles came to be. Come, stand at the crossroads with us in the ever-waning light, and hear what she has to tell you.


Location and Logistics

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This event will be held September 22-24, 2017 at the Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists Society in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The address is 3912 Cedar Heights Drive, Cedar Falls, IA 50613. Blocks of rooms have been reserved at two nearby hotels under “Expanding Inward”: Super 8 Hotel 7515 Nordic Dr, Cedar Falls, IA 319-553-6868, Room rate of $85 plus tax per night. Available through August 20th and AmericInn Lodge & Suites 5818 Nordic Dr, Cedar Falls, IA 319-277-6166 for $109.99 plus tax. The deadline to receive this rate will be determined shortly.

Pricing and Registration

Registration will open on June 29, 2017 at 12:00pm Central time. Through July 31st, registration is offered on a sliding scale starting at $150. After July 31st, registration fees will increase by $25, to a minimum of $175. Please register by September 8 in order to hold your place.

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