We Weave the World: Conspiring with the Fates

Date(s) - 04/21/2016 - 04/24/2016

Hollis Renewal Center, Kansas City KS

Les_ParquesWe Weave the World: Conspiring with the Fates

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“The Fates, daughters of Necessity… Lachesis, and Clotho, and Atropos, who sang in unison with the music of the Sirens, Lachesis singing the things that were, Clotho the things that are, and Atropos the things that are to be.”

– Plato, Republic (trans. Shorey)

What do you believe about your Fate? About your Destiny? Are they one and the same? Are you free? Are you bound? Are you both?

The old stories tell of the Three, sisters who shape our mortal lives. Clotho the Spinner, who spins the thread of your life from the all-that-is, and out of something that looks in no way like a life, a life is born. Lachesis the Apportioner, who measures the length of the thread, perhaps running her fingers along that length, prayerful and aware of the beauty and grief this life will offer.

And Atropos. She Who Cannot Be Turned. Who cuts us into life. Cuts us into separation. Some say she cuts our lives short, but perhaps what she really does is make them possible. If there were no end, could there be a beginning?

The Fates. Terrifying? Or… comfortable? In a world in which many things are chosen, but some things are choice-less, where is my responsibility? And where is my surrender?

Spend four days with us exploring this old story, and our role in it. Who are the Fates? What might they say about the role our stories have given them? And what is our relationship to the Three? Are we Fated? Are we agents of Fate as well? What if we have neither the luxury nor the loneliness of being a thread alone? What story do we weave ourselves into together?


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