Chants are designed to be repeated over and over, and are often used during the energy-building portion of a ritual. The words generally align with the intention, supporting the work that we build together throughout the course of the ritual. “Build together” are the key words to remember — for although we are each doing our own individual work, we are doing it in a community context. A chant allows the entire group to breathe together, to support each other energetically, and to surround each other in a supportive container of sound and purpose.

The following list includes many chants (and a few full-length songs) that we have used in rituals over the past decade both in our own work and through our previous work at Diana’s Grove. Please feel free to use them in your own rituals or groups. Change the words, adjust the tune, or use it as written. We believe that chants are a form of folk music, therefore we expect them to transform and shift to meet the needs of those who use them. All we ask is that you give credit to the original author if you do use them. Enjoy!

Act With All Your Heart(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Air Will Hear Me(Expanding Inward)Lyrics and download
Artemis Watches(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Atalanta's Elements(River Roberts and Lucinda Anjali)Lyrics and download
Barge of Heaven (Pour It Out For Me)(Starhawk)Lyrics and download
Beginning Now(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Beloved Love(Murshi Inayat Khan)Lyrics and download
By Enchantment Taken(River Roberts, Lucinda Anjali, Jenn Byers and Cynthea Jones)Lyrics and download
Cracking Open(Lucinda Anjali and Friends)Lyrics and download
Demeter's Song(Starhawk)Lyrics and download
Don't Go Back To Sleep(Rumi)Lyrics and download
Every Little Step(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Grace, Shine On Down(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Here and Now(River Roberts and Willow Firefly Kelly)Lyrics and download
Hold On(Starhawk)Lyrics and download
Humble Yourself In The Arms Of The Wild(Unknown)Lyrics and download
I Am Becoming(River Roberts and Lucinda Anjali)Lyrics and download
I Am The Spell(River Roberts and Ember Andrews)Lyrics and download
I Hear A Call(Rose May Dance and Jan Bates)Lyrics and download
I Walk The Pattern Of The Stars(Canyon)Lyrics and download
Into Life(River Roberts and Jo Carter)Lyrics and download
Let My Life Be An Invocation(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Let The Beauty We Love(Rumi)Lyrics and download
Let The Past Slip Away(River Roberts and Friends)Lyrics and download
Light In The Darkness(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
More Than This(River Roberts, Jenn Byers and Cynthea Jones)Lyrics and download
My Body Is A Living Temple Of Love(Robert Gass)Lyrics and download
Open Hearts(Jo Howard)Lyrics and download
Opening to Love(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Pure Possibility(River Roberts and Shaun Perkins)Lyrics and download
Reach for the Rose(Carl Burns)Lyrics and download
Softening and Strengthening(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Song of the Universe(Mick D'Arcy)Lyrics and download
Step Into the Flow(Ana K. W. Moffett)Lyrics and download
Stones in the River(Diana's Grove Community)Lyrics and download
Sweet Surrender(Unknown)Lyrics and download
Take Me Home Again(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
The Beauty of the Earth(Jo Howard)Lyrics and download
The Eternity Waltz(Cynthea Jones)Lyrics and download
The Greenwood Calls(River Roberts and Shaun Perkins)Lyrics and download
The Hero's Lament(Diana's Grove Staff)Lyrics and download
The River is Flowing(Diana Hildebrand-Hull)Lyrics and download
This Is The Journey(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
This Life it is Real(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
We Are the Wild Ones(Irisanya and River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Weaving My Fate(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Who Did I Say I Would Be?(River Roberts)Lyrics and download
Will You Lay Your Stories Down?(Irisanya and River Roberts)Lyrics and download
You Are The Light(Unknown)Lyrics and download