An announcement, on the subject of cycles and transitions

Seven years ago, Expanding Inward formed out of a sincere desire to keep the work of the Diana’s Grove Mystery School going. We didn’t want to see the philosophy that had transformed our lives and the lives of so many others end with the sale of the land. We melded our individual practices and philosophies into the work we offered, but Expanding Inward has been, above all else, a link in a chain of teachings on personal accountability, servant leadership, spiritual professionalism and inclusive community. A way of honoring the ancestry of our tradition and sustaining its essence for the benefit of its descendants.

This event concludes a seven-year cycle and ushers in a time of transition. The philosophy we serve is ultimately rooted in group interaction and integrity, and so community conversations, in 2020, will shape the next iteration of this beloved community, but this autumn in Iowa we will offer our last event as Expanding Inward. This event will, appropriately, focus on the work of legacy.