Some stories should be savored.

The ancient mound lies dark. At the autumn equinox sunrise, a ray of light shoots through a small hole, illuminating a book on a stand in the centre. Those assembled there read, and as the light fades again they turn the page, ready for next year.

Some stories should be savoured.

From @microsff, Micro SF/F Stories

Someone commented on the above Twitter thread that a book you could only read one page a year was more of a horror story than a fantasy. The book lover in me laughed at that, but the Witch in me loves the idea of a story to be savored and cherished… a story that I probably won’t live long enough to ever know the ending. I imagine it’s a thick and dusty tome that the elders started reading long before I was born and it will continue long after I am gone. And at the moment the year turns towards darkness, they read. They remember. They dream of what is to come. They listen.

What if … we read one page at a time, because the story to come has yet to be written? 
What if… the way we live in the present moment writes the words on the page?
What if… each year the page reads, “Here are the gifts we pass to you,” and ends with, “Use them well.” 
What if… we read one page at a time, because the story to come has yet to be written?

This, to me, is what Ancestor and Descendant work can look like. And as we prepare for our next (and last) Expanding Inward intensive in just a few short weeks – I have been thinking about what it means to immerse myself in a story that was written long before my generation and will continue long after I have passed on. The little piece of microfiction above hit that sweet spot where my imagination meets my spirit.

As the Wheel of the Year turns toward darkness – at least on this half of the planet – I want to think of the stories that make up who I am. The gifts I have been given. The challenges I have been burdened with. The risks I am charged to take. The legacy I carry. All the words written on the pages from the years before, whether I was alive to read them or not. 

May I live my life so that the story to come is worth savoring. May I offer gifts that nourish. May my descendants use them well. 

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