Use your words

What did you do?

Do something! 

I keep hearing this plea and this question. I’ve come to understand them as the voice of my ancestors and my descendants.

They feel like a call to action, but what action? What can I really do? I live in a quiet town in the Midwest. There are occasional rallies and I have gone to some, but I’m getting older and standing for long periods of time is pretty hard on my body. I’ve written some letters and made calls to governing officials. I’ve donated to causes I believe in.

It’s not enough because I’m still hearing – Do something! What did you do?

This morning there was a whisper, my ancestors and descendants, each in an ear whispering over and over again – Use your words.

While I don’t know fully what is being asked/demanded of me I think it starts with a daily commitment. Each day I will do one of two things. Donate to a cause I believe in that needs my help or write/donate to a governing official. I’m realizing occasional random acts are good, but it takes relentless tenacity to bring about change. I can do that; I’ve just been taking the easy way out. Time to change that.

Please keep whispering, you’ve got my attention. I’m listening.

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