Vacation Instructions

1.  Ground
Paddle to the shore
Leave the swift current behind
Feel your feet on solid earth
Remember firmness, foundation, stillness, self

2.  Be Present
Notice that the scenery that has been a rushing blur
Now comes in to sharp focus
Steady, solid
Green on green on green

3.  Integrate
Find a quiet spot. Sit.
Allow waves of integration to come
Meet them, accepting
Tumble over and over; glean the gifts

4.  Let Go
Shake off the accumulated dust
Mind, heart, body, soul
Breathe in the opportunity
to welcome space

5.  Find Perspective
Climb the dune
You may slide half-way back each sandy step
Look out over the vast sky, water, sand
Blue on blue on blue
Life stretches far beyond the horizon of what can be seen
Remember: You Are This Vast

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