The Fullness of the Year

My birthday is in just a few days — and every year I am reminded what it means to be a child of this season. We summer babies are born into a time of ripening. The longest days and the shortest nights, the warm winds and the cool rains, the sweat on the skin and the earth on bare feet — I’ve always thought that this is a great season to enter the world.

Since it is my birthday, I want to give you all a little gift. First, a playlist with as many songs as I could think of to honor the Summer Solstice (at least on this side of the Equator):

Click Here for Playlist

Second – a little Solstice Tarot spread for you to try out. Shuffle the deck and lay out three cards:

Card on the left: What is ready to ripen into fullness?
Middle card: What blocks the light that allows it to ripen?
Card on the right: What helps the sunlight shine through?

Add up the 3 cards* to find the Major Arcana archetype that is watching over this ripening. If the number you get is higher than 22, keep adding the digits. For example, if your reading adds up to 24, add 2 + 4 to get 6 – which is the number of The Lovers.

Whatever way you celebrate this season – whether that’s a through a formal ritual, taking a well-deserved vacation, or just enjoying the sunlight on your face- I hope you take a moment to recognize what is full and abundant in your life. I know that can be a challenge — it certainly can be for me. But, I find that when I take a moment to acknowledge the warmth and sweetness that is present around me, however fleeting — I can find a ray of light and hope in times that can otherwise feel dark and heavy. Even though the days will now start to grow shorter, our strength can still shine brightly. Blessings of the season to all of you.

*Court cards (Kings, Queens, Pages, Knights, Princes, Princesses, etc.) are valued at 0. The Fool is given the number 22 in numerology so they can play with the rest of the deck.

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