I stand mesmerized by the endless cascade of water dancing it’s way down the 215 foot cliff at Taughannock Falls State Park, blinking as the misty breath touches my face and collects on my eyelashes. I am blinking tears too. Tears for the beauty of this place, spring time magic of the force of green and growth, bursting spring ephemerals and the wild cacophony of mating and young-protecting bird language. Tears for the grief I bear having left dear friends and loving family and long-standing work relationships so many miles away. Tears for the changes to which I am adjusting in both my personal and my global life experience. Tears of gratitude for putting my passion at the center of my life instead of the edges.

I am falling. Falling down, falling away, falling in love.

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  1. Paulita May 30, 2019

    Love to you <3


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