One circle, never to be seen again

Last weekend I had the honor, along with the Expanding Inward team, of facilitating our spring event on ritual energetics. This was (I had to look it up) the twelfth weekend event we’ve offered in the past 6 1/2 years, a number that seems both too high and too low, somehow.

Looking back over the event, I am struck by something that was said a couple of times by my co-conspirators (and something I’ve said myself, at previous events): This circle will never assemble again in exactly the same way. This moment, this collection of people, this alchemy of work, is unique.

And of course that’s true, isn’t it? We gather in a very temporary community, contribute our needs and our willingness to work together and create a space that’s as safe as it can be. We share our experiences and our selves for that period of time, hopefully step out of our places of greatest comfort and toward those often-scary edges of growth, and then something fascinating happens.

We make magic, somehow, in a way that I’ve rarely experienced before. We do it in a way that’s inspired by the planning that’s been done, sure, but also in ways that are inspired by the space around us, the work that seems most present and potent in the moment, and most of all by the people who are able to come and be there. Each person contributes, in ways that they’re aware of and in ways that almost certainly *aren’t* in their consciousness. A brief conversation over lunch, a question in the midst of a session, a prior experience that’s absolutely unique to that person…all of this, and so many other factors, may well be as much a part of the magic and the work as the planning that went into it ahead of time.

And so, no, the circle won’t be the same the next time we gather, both because the exact same constellation of people won’t be together again and because none of us will be the same, the next time we gather. I couldn’t begin to say now what the experience of our next event will be, and for all that we’ll put a great deal of thought and work and planning into it ahead of time, when the time comes for us to gather and to begin, I won’t be able to say what it will be like then, either. I can say, though, that if twelve events and six-plus years are any indication, I’ll be struck once more at the sheer improbability of what we’re able to create as a group, all of us, for the first time and only time that we’ll be together in that way.

It’s a pretty good thing we get to do, is what I’m saying.

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One thought on “One circle, never to be seen again

  1. Sandy Cawthern April 17, 2019

    Sunday I made my resolution to save $$ for the next gathering. I look forward to reuniting with …our changed selves….deepening….expanding….Love, Sandy


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