The Energetics of Grace

I recently experienced a series of very challenging interactions with an organization that I felt should have been much more empathetic and understanding of my experience. Without going into too many unnecessary details, I was made to feel unwelcome and undeserving of support while I was in a pretty vulnerable space. My dealings with that group are now complete, but the experience is going to leave a mark, for sure.

As we’re nearing our event on ritual energetics, this situation was a good reminder to be aware of my impact in all interactions, not just during the main event or the ritual’s climax. The way I treat participants can reverberate just as strongly in our first meeting as it does in our last. That means the way I set up my marketing, how quickly I respond to inquiries, and how I welcome participants as they walk through the door for an event I am producing can make or break an experience for the people I am serving.

If I believe that intimacy creates energy, and vulnerability allows for intimacy – then I want to do my absolute best to create a container where participants feel safe enough to give themselves over to what can be a tender and vulnerable experience. How do I build that trust? It begins weeks before the event actually happens. I give information in my advertising about accessibility as well as location and times. If someone asks me a question via email, I respond as quickly as I am able. As we approach the date, if I say the ritual or event is going to start at 6pm, it starts at 6pm. When folks walk through the door, I greet them warmly and give them the information they need to settle in … bathroom locations, where to hang your coat, when to expect the introductory session, etc.

This may all seem like simple stuff, and I feel that it should be intuitive for any group or organization that is in service to participants or the community. Unfortunately, as my recent experience proved, that is not always the case, and it has a real impact. How many events or functions have you been to where you weren’t greeted, felt left out because you didn’t know anyone else there and no one made a move to introduce themselves, or didn’t feel comfortable because you didn’t know the group norms? For me, far too often. And no one is perfect … I definitely have been guilty of not providing the experience I would want myself to have if I were in their shoes. It is so easy to fall into my own comfort and neglect my service to others. All I can say is that when I take the time to really pay attention to this art of energetics and make an effort to create a solid community container from the very start, it makes a huge difference in the outcome of the ritual or event.

At the Diana’s Grove Mystery School, where we learned and strove to perfect this art, we called this process “gracing.” It is a priestess tool that is often overlooked, but to me, is the most essential part of building blocks of a gathering. If my goal is a community energetic experience during the ritual, then I had better be focused on laying the foundation for that sense of community right from the start. I can’t create something from nothing later on … or at least I will really have my work cut out for me if I try.

Group energy and connection is key to our spiritual philosophy, and gracing is just one of the many ways we can embody it. It’s definitely a pattern I want to continue to lay in my soul.

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