An Experiment

What is energy? How do we define it? These were the questions our Expanding Inward team were considering on a recent planning call. We didn’t end that call with a definitive answer but something Wren shared has had me thinking ever since. Energy is vibration. Each of our cells has their own vibration. Different vibrations create harmony or dissonance or something new all together. Now those are not the exact words, in fact they may be a misrepresentation, but they are the words I heard and the ones that have me thinking.

I’ve had the experience of singing with a group and then a harmony happens. Sometimes it can be as if that sound, that harmony elevates into something that feels even larger than the sum of the parts. It feels like we have created something new, something almost unexplainable.

I have begun wondering if on a cellular level I somehow might invite harmony with another person or actually repel them. What if when I have less than positive feelings towards someone I block my cellular vibrations from interacting with them? Conversely, when I have positive feelings towards someone am I on some level inviting my cellular vibrations to harmonize with that person?

On many levels this seems weird and unlikely but I’m curious and so I have been experimenting. I have been most interested in interactions with people I don’t particularly care for or am more or less indifferent to. Here is what I have done. First I notice the feeling and then try to have the only thing I do is inwardly tell my cells – hey it’s OK, go ahead and open to the possibility of cellular vibration with them. (Yeah, I know, it sounds weird, but I’m trying it anyway.)

What seems to happen when I do this is a subtle shift. A shift in me. I’m less closed off which make sense, but what I have also noticed is frequently I leave the interaction thinking, hey, they really aren’t so bad after all. I also notice I seem to be happier. Now don’t get me wrong, these people have not become my closest friends, but I also don’t feel the desire to walk the other way or right past them without saying a word anymore. I also have to admit I seem to be softening towards them and enjoying chatting with them. There is a shift and something moving closer to a harmony.

I think I’m going to keep experimenting with this. I’m willing to keep at anything that brings more harmony into my life, especially these days.

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  1. Paulita February 23, 2019

    This is beautiful, Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing.


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