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It’s an interesting time in my world. Sitting down to write I find I don’t have a whole lot of words. I’m mostly intrigued by the new connections happening between my mind, body and spirit. I started practicing Qi Gong on my own via YouTube about 3 weeks ago. I’m doing 20 minutes every morning and the impact has been surprising. I expected to gain a certain degree of calm centeredness, but I’m gaining strength, especially in my legs.

The biggest surprise is what is happening with my behavior. I’m less reactive. I have stronger, clearer boundaries and am being able to state and hold them. I’m laughing more and talking to people more. In short, I’m enjoying my life more. This was unexpected. All the parts really are connected. Sure I’ve read this and even thought it was probably true, but I have never had it proven so dramatically.

What I want to say is this. I encourage you to find your thing if you haven’t. Find the physical thing that lights up your energy. No matter how long it takes, no matter how many hit and misses, find the thing!

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4 thoughts on “Find the thing

  1. Paulita September 5, 2018

    Happy for you, Elizabeth!!

  2. Elizabeth Wilson September 5, 2018

    Thanks Paulita, it has been such a great surprise.

  3. Jeanne Adwani September 6, 2018

    Wonderful…. I have found several different ‘things’ in this life to do physically, emotionally, Spritually. Been dedicated and then not. My devotion at this time and I feel for all time to come, is to the The Great Mother. being reminded to Surrender and Receive. To live in Tenderness and open heartedness. to turn to love no matter what.
    thank your Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth Wilson September 7, 2018

      Surrender and Receive. This resonates. Thank you Jeanne.


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