Sandpaper and Tingchas

It as only a few weeks ago I was waiting for Spring and reminding myself I believe and trust in cycles. Spring was taking its sweet time. It seems it came and went in a flash, a couple of days at best and then full on heat of summer. The heat of August came in June. I have not been a fan.

I’ve been noticing I’m on edge and easily annoyed. I know there are all kinds of awful things going on in the world but this has felt different. This is what I realized. Most of the energy around me is like sandpaper. First I thought it was only a light grade, but recently it jumped up to medium, just this side of coarse. It’s like there is a constant energetic irritation everywhere and has really begun to get me down.

My solution. Well, not a solution so much as strategy, is instead of starting my day every morning with a cup of coffee, the windows and doors shut tight and locked, the a/c running, in front of my computer reading Facebook and the news, instead of that, I am opening the door and noticing the breeze. I’m listening to the birds and counting how many different calls I can hear. I’m turning my car radio to an oldies station on the way to work and singing along.

Oh, and there’s this. As I paused a moment while writing this I am remembering lightening bugs in the meadow, people dancing with antlers embodying deer, tingchas on the night breeze, a labyrinth mowed in a field, rice cakes on the creek, paper mache masks, the glint in a lover’s eye, the birth of my children, the whiskers of my cat…

It hasn’t taken the sandpaper energy away, but it has toned it down and it is making my days a little more enjoyable. Given the state of the world, I’ll take it.



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2 thoughts on “Sandpaper and Tingchas

  1. Scatabella June 27, 2018

    marvelous ! !

  2. Sandy Cawthern June 27, 2018

    Ahhh. I’m going to do the same 🌺


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