Waiting for Spring

I’m still waiting for Spring.  I’m waiting for that thing Spring does where it begins to warm the soil (me) and slowly cracks the seed open (again me). The seed cracks and the tender green shoot slowly pushes up towards the sunlight. Breaks through the earth’s crust and reaches to the light and grows and blossoms. I often follow that trajectory in Spring. I’m still waiting for it to begin.

Here in Iowa April had a whole lot of Winter in it. While the trees and the birds seem to have caught up and are in full blown Spring, I’m still huddled up around the fire of Winter and solitude and internalizing.

I believe in and trust cycles. It took a long time for them to earn that trust, but earn it they have. Eventually, everything changes. Eventually the wheel turns. Here’s to trusting what I cannot yet see or sense. I too will join Spring. It’s OK to let a cycle take as long as it needs to take.

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