A Witch is Handing You an Apple…

This is an invitation.

Some of the members of the Expanding Inward community – new and old – came together a few weeks ago and we did some of the most potent magic there is.

We shared. Our support. Our respect. Our time. Our energy. Our ideas.

Our knowledge.

We looked at old patterns and we made new ones. We told ancient stories in new ways. We recorded our intentions in words that we engraved in each other’s ears and on our own hearts.

And in sigils* that we took back out into the world with us.

Our time together bore fruit, and this is an invitation to share it.

We worked with and within the stories of the Garden of Eden. The structure that was shattered when Lilith said the first Sacred No to Sanctioned Inequality. In that Garden is, famously, a Tree. And in that Tree is, famously, a Snake.

(And is that Snake actually Lilith? Returned in disguise to share the fruit of their knowledge about the price, and pride, of resistance? Well, we think so.)

And that Snake handed Eve – and all of us – Knowledge in the form of food. Living sustenance that can be grown, and tended, and shared. Living wisdom that, in fact, must be shared, must be taken in and transformed, or else it will rot.

We each left our gathering with an apple. This one is mine. They all mean the same thing – they are symbols of the vow we took, together, to dismantle the towers of injustice. And they all mean different things, because we each chose different towers to undermine.

What is the Knowledge they encode? There are probably many different answers to that question as well. This one is mine: Since the beginning of time there have been those who make and enforce rules that benefit some, and oppress others. And, since the beginning of time, there have been the ones who said No.

In the days since we left each other, we’ve been talking together, over the ether, about these apples. How they are moving out into the world. Baked into pies that feed committee members and policy makers. Dried into incense that will spiral through magical workings. Eaten, sigils carved into the fruit flesh, to fuel one or another of us before stepping into that high-stakes meeting, making that important argument, having that hard conversation.

We charged our apples to be symbols of the Knowledge that undermines injustice. And suddenly, we’re seeing them all over the place. Images of apples, songs about apples, stories about apples, apples in food, apples on trees… “I think we charged ALL the apples,” one of us said.

And of course, we did. All it takes is the noticing to make it so. And so this is an invitation. Grab an apple. Recognize it as a beautiful, complex, nurturing No. Not this.

What you will say not this to is, of course, for you to say. But this is an invitation to imagine saying it, with an apple. The Fruit of Knowledge that can feed and sustain life.

This is an invitation to join us in seeing, all around you, the fruit of the ancient, flowering tree of resistance. And to share it.

Because this is the No that keeps Yes alive.


What would you do with an apple as a symbol of resistance to an unjust structure? Share your story here or on our Facebook page. May Knowledge grow everywhere!


*Sigil magic is a rich, nuanced topic, and rewards study. Here, with thanks to the author and the generosity of the internet, are the simple instructions we used to bring that magic into a group of experienced and inexperienced sigilists for the purposes of this working.

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