Remembering the Chords

One of the gifts and curses of having our blog running for nearly five years and advertising these posts on Facebook is that when the anniversary of a post comes along, the “Facebook Memories” feature kicks in and lets me revisit things one of us wrote in the past.

It seems I tend to be on the writing schedule around this time of year, because I have had the opportunity to read a couple of my own posts in the last two weeks. One was all about exploring an alternate definition of “resolution,” using the musical term that means the act of moving to consonance from dissonance … to harmony from disharmony.  

It was an important thing for Present River to read, and I gave a nod to Past River for writing it and scheduling it to show up at a time when I needed to remember it. So much of 2017 was about disharmony … not just on the national and global stage, but also on a personal and professional level for me, as well. I feel like I have been living in dissonance, and I have been desperately waiting for the chord to resolve.

The other post that had cycled back around was about rekindling a dedication practice, which sadly, I need to rekindle again – because I didn’t quite give it the attention or awareness it deserved to be able to provide a solid foundation for my personal and spiritual work. I’m giving it another go. The dedication was partially to the element of Earth. For me, Earth is strongly associated with cycles. I am working on calling this less of a “failure to maintain a practice” and more as “the wheel spinning back again to give me another opportunity.” 

I had already decided to step back into a pattern-laying personal practice, but reading both of those posts within a couple days of each other made me realize that my practice needed more of an intention in order to not only stick, but be more personally meaningful. So … this year, I have been entering into an Earth dedication with a focus on Resolution.

I have a daily practice that so far, I have been successfully doing each day — where I do one thing for my body, one thing for my living space, and one thing for my finances. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering. I took a walk. I bought a new Fitbit. I signed up for a virtual budgeting tool. I cleaned off my dresser. I swept the kitchen floor. Little things. Tiny notes that add to the melody of my awareness and well-being. The more small successes I have, the more harmony I feel.

And those little victories are already starting to build into big victories — at least on an energetic level. I am rediscovering pockets of creativity and expression that I have been missing. I’m writing again. I am creating things with my hands. I am finding that moving into harmony is not only figurative, but literal. I am making music again — not for others, but for me — something that hasn’t happened in years.

Those of you who have a devotional or personal practice. Does redefinining the intention help you keep it going? When you fall out of practice, how do you ease back in? How do you keep it meaningful? I’d love to hear your strategies for sustaining and finding success.

May this year bring sustainable harmony for all who need it.

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  1. Paulita January 15, 2018

    wish you well with your practice, River! <3


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