With apologies for brevity and language

As we near the end of the year, I find myself encountering that old feeling of frustration with the state of the world – a sense that’s frankly always present for me to some extent, but much more acute right now. An added bonus, for me, is the fact that when my calendar is too full, as it is right now, my mood becomes too prickly to be fit for polite company. There are also a number of things vying for my attention that I really need to make time for – some family-related health things, some personal commitments related to Expanding Inward, some project administration stuff that requires my focus right now. All of which is to say that I’m pretty much out of words for this blog entry, and I hope that I’ll be forgiven for that.

An old standby, when I’m not sure how to begin, is to think about something that I’m grateful for, and write about that. At the moment, that list doesn’t feel very long (which is to say, I’m grumpy and not doing a good job of THINKING of the list, not that I don’t have a whole lot to be grateful for), but one thing that comes to mind is this: I am grateful for everyone who values awareness, grateful for everyone who knows their impact on the world around them and who questions that impact and their own motivations, and grateful for everyone who continues to do that work when it’s uncomfortable to do so. For all of you who do that work even when (especially when) it’s easy to question how much it matters: Thank you. Knowing that you’re out there makes it a little easier for me to do the same, in whatever imperfect ways I am able.

And since I’m out of words of my own, I’ll share a quote from a book that I read recently. It feels, to me, like pretty apt summary of this year, and perhaps every year.

“My definition of an adult is someone who lives their life aware that they are sharing the world with others. My definition of an adult is someone who knows the world was here before they showed up and that it’ll be here well after they walk away from it.

My definition of an adult, in other words, is someone who lives their life with a little fucking perspective.”

-Robert Jackson Bennett, City of Miracles

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One thought on “With apologies for brevity and language

  1. JANICE H KHAN December 13, 2017

    Well said, Jason. You mirrored my mind to a great extent. Thanks for reminding me of “perspective”. My attention to NOW can become a bit more focused!


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