Two Torches

One of the things I’ve found most fascinating in preparing for this week’s event is the sheer number of epithets that are associated with Hecate. Earthly One, Key-Bearer, Savior, Three Bodied, Of The Three Ways, Companion, Before The Gate…and that just barely scratches the surface! You get the idea – lots of titles, lots of names.

The one that’s grabbed me and won’t let go, though, is Phosphorus (light-bearer). As I think of her being (among many other things) a goddess of the crossroads, of the moment of conscious choice, this idea of her shedding light – literally carrying it with her – becomes even more powerful. If I’m at a moment of choice (which is also, often, a moment of uncertainty), what better ally can I ask for than one who can shed that light of knowledge on everything?

Well, not so fast. The thing is, I don’t think she particularly cares what decision I make, at that crossroads. And so if I reach out to her for aid, it’s not particularly useful to ask about the outcome of one path or another. They all lead to pain, to death, to love, to another choice. The light that Hecate carries, to me, isn’t about knowing the future. It’s about knowing the landscape.

But really, isn’t that exactly what I need in order to make a choice? To truly know where I’m standing, to recognize the facts that surround me, to know what I leave behind with one choice, what I might be stepping toward with another? That feels like what she allows me to see – what’s around me now, and what the external landscape looks like.

Of course, there’s a second torch, right? And there’s the possibly less comfortable side. If I make this choice one way, is that aligned with my values? Am I listening to my fears if I go that other direction, or are my hopes and dreams calling me that way? What’s really led me here? Do I want to make a choice at all? It’s a very different sort of gift that she offers here, I think – the *internal* landscape that needs illumination.

I’m not the praying sort, really, but if I’m going to construct a prayer to this aspect of Hecate today, it might go like this:

Hecate light-bearer, I ask you for your gift of illumination, so that I can make my choices from a place of knowledge, awareness, and wisdom. Please help me by shedding your light upon the landscape that surrounds me, and the landscape within me.

For my part, I bring my eyes, to see what is brought to light, my will, to see ALL that is brought to light, and my mind, to discern the choices ahead with clarity and honesty.

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2 thoughts on “Two Torches

  1. Paulita September 30, 2017

    I just found this in my email . . . feeling grateful for your voice reaching me tonight. Last weekend was so powerful and it’s good to be reconnected after a week back in my daily life. So good to see you this past weekend. <3

    • Jason Frey October 1, 2017

      Thank you so much, Paulita! It was really wonderful to see you last weekend – I’m thrilled that you were able to join us. 🙂


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