Crossroads don’t all look alike

There is something magical about the light and shadow in a tree canopy. Both draw me in. Both say “pay attention”. Notice. I can feel a pull, almost like gravity, except this pull is up, not down. I notice this primarily at sunrise and sunset. During the time between sunrise and sunset, if I walk in the woods and allow my eyes to stray off the path I feel a pull into the space between the trees in the distance. I see something almost like a corridor beckoning me, tugging on my physical body.

All of these places hold Mystery for me. I find myself looking for them more and more these days. Longing for them. I want to feel that pull, that particular type of gravity that isn’t really gravity but something stronger. The play of light and shadow seems to be whispering to me but I can’t quite make out the words.

Even though the words aren’t clear yet, even though I have yet to unravel the mystery that is held for me there, I feel certain I must listen and follow. I’m beginning to understand a crossroads doesn’t always look like a crossroads.

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One thought on “Crossroads don’t all look alike

  1. Paulita July 26, 2017

    I’ve returned to this post to re-read it. Something really resonates with me about the mystery of crossroads, the dawn and dusk times. I long to spend more time in these liminal spaces. <3


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