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It happens each cycle. As Expanding Inward begins to prepare for our next event, I am drawn into the work on a deeply personal level. At our upcoming event in May we will be working with the Priestess Arts. As described in our marketing material, “The Priestess Arts of Diana’s Grove are the elemental tools that we become, when we dedicate ourselves to embodying our values. They are the way we give the things we believe in hands, and feet, and voice, and the ability to walk around in the world.”

The Priestess Art correlating to the water element is Acting As Healer. Working as a healing professional I am accustomed to the healing process as it occurs on the physical as well as mental and emotional levels. The work of my personal healing is something that I am particularly in tune with these days as I experience the grief of losing my mother in November. I long to share with her the details of my day; to hear her interest and concern and shared joy. Sudden memories triggered by simple things bring waves of sorrow. I accept the process as best I can, aware that I will feel this loss the rest of my life. To me healing is a journey, not an end point.

I see healing as a journey toward integration. In order to step on this journey I must acknowledge that I am wounded, find ways to accept my wounds, and open to a desire for healing. The healing process is not directed toward seeking to obliterate the wound, but focuses on integration of the experience of the wounding. Personally it has been profound to drop my stories about being permanently marred by wounds or seeing myself as a victim. Integration, which may take days or a lifetime, is a process through which one comes to accept the wound as a vital part of the self. The wound is seen to offer information or lessons, possibly even gifts. Accepting wounds as teachers can be a leap for some, but I believe it is an important step on the journey.

In my understanding, a healer is one who acknowledges and accepts their own wounds and is intentionally on their own healing journey toward integration and wholeness. One who is Acting As Healer realizes that having wounds is an aspect of the common human experience, willingly models the healing journey, and as they light the path are aware that they are illuminating it for others. Others seeing one so deeply committed to their own healing are drawn to the healing journey themselves. The healer archetype embodies their values when they are able to turn toward others on the healing journey with recognition and compassion. In my professional work I Act As Healer when I invite my client to go to dark places, hear their story as witness, and hold the space for the grief and the pain. I Act As Healer when I am willing to transcend my own story.

Acting As Healer challenges me to be completely present in the moment. I have a routine when I am working with others. I find my connection with gravity, align my energy with the Universe-Earth pole (Above-Below), breathe, lower my shoulders and the base of my spine and empty my mind as much as possible. I extend the energy of my root chakra as a strong tail connecting in an animated way to the Earth; intend excess or scattered energy to focus and exit through my root chakra. Touching the tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth, I intend energy to flow into my crown chakra. I focus on the Microcosmic Orbit, feeling energy move through me. I am ready.

This is comfortable for me. I am proficient and successful in my work as a healing practitioner. In this context, I can readily embody my values. But I noticed how easily my skills fell away when I got triggered over a conversation about the recent election results. Can I Act As Healer when I strongly disagree with the person in front of me who is expressing sentiments very different from my own? It is as if making a hard turn in gale-force winds to come to my place of presence and connection. I am working on building the muscles for that, as I believe it is what our world needs. And I assume that I am not alone in the challenge.

I look forward to scratching far beneath the surface of this question and many others as we prepare for our weekend at the Hollis Renewal Center in Kansas City this May. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Ellen Ranney January 12, 2017

    So moving. The dual losses of family and country as we know it, both affect our sense of security. Thank you for the description of intentional grounding and centering, so necessary to integrative healin.


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