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A friend of mine recently celebrated his birthday, and had a small group of folks over on the 1st for a combination birthday/Beltane gathering. He offered this really lovely ritual idea, where each of us brought some fruit and we prepared a fruit salad together. We took turns at the table speaking about something that we’re grateful for in our lives, and also something that we are hoping to manifest in the coming season. We added that gratitude and intention to the shared salad, added some honey, and then had a delicious meal together. Important lesson: magic can be delicious!

When my turn came, I thought back to a one-on-one conversation I had at our recent event in Kansas City. I was asked what I plan to do with myself, now that the very long remodeling project at home is done and there’s more space in my life for other things. I was rather surprised to realize that I had an answer. I said, “I’m really just going to spend more time with my friends, doing things that we love.” It’s honestly that simple. I talk a lot about wanting to manifest more joy in my life, and yet I often let those things fall off my calendar or off my radar. Sometimes that happens consciously – for instance, I’m attending a memorial service in a couple of weeks rather than going to a party that I’ve been looking forward to – and that’s one thing. But often it’s not conscious at all, and I just find over the course of a month or a year that I haven’t done the things that I KNOW will make me happier.

So what I’m grateful for right now is that sense of clarity, of knowing what I want to bring forth into my life. My intention (and my prayer) is to have the discipline I need to prioritize that and actually make it visible in my life. To that end, I’ve already scheduled a little get-together with some close friends next week to play games and hang out. Important lesson: magic (for me, at least) sometimes requires board games!

As we move through Spring and on into the bright part of the year, that’s a wish that I’d share for any of you who might need it, too – a clear idea of what you love and an extra bit of discipline to make it manifest.

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude and intention

  1. Vasalisa May 4, 2016

    When it comes to making and carrying out intentions, I often choose the route of “SO difficult, but (probably) worth it!” Deep Shadow work. Re-programming subconscious habits. Pushing myself toward the uncomfortable thing and then diving off of a cliff….

    Your intention of joy and doing what you love with friends inspires me. It reminds me that intention is really just the creation of a frame that allows me to gauge whether or not I am where I want to be (and how to get there if I’m not.) I want friends. I want dates. I want to relax without guilt.

    Thank you for this reminder. This Capricorn really needed it today.

    • Jason Frey May 4, 2016

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in on difficult-and-probably-worth-it intentions. 🙂 I know that I have plenty of personal work to do that requires digging deep into some long-held assumptions and views of others (and myself) that need some serious reexamination. What I’ve been realizing recently (and one thing that was really crystallized for me during the event in KC) is that my tendency to discount things that are “just fun” as being less important has been doing me no favors. Now, of course, time will tell whether or not I manage to actually follow through.


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