Being True

A few weeks ago we tucked the seeds gently into the soil mix, ensuring good seed to soil contact on all sides, misting them with water to minimize disruption of their position, and sliding the trays onto the warming mat under the lights that would provide them energy for their journey. I am always amazed that these tiny seemingly inert specks hold the pattern for life. And sure enough, after only a few short days the shoots arise, looking just like the plant they will become. Like any proud mama I verbalize my marvel and wonder, fussing tenderly over these adorable baby vegetable plants. All I can do is give them the formula of what is needed for plant growth: soil, water, nutrients, adequate light spectrum. The same every year. And the response the same, shoots to seedlings to young transplants in my garden. Later the harvest, and what is remaining goes back to the soil adding life for next year’s plants. The same amazing cycle repeats and I am drawn in again and again.

My own journey seems so convoluted in comparison. So much variation in the human form! We come into the world with our unique patterns, DNA, heredity. We are influenced by life experiences and opportunities, shaped by our choices. I wonder what role the fates play in all of this? I reflect often on all that has brought me to now. Hard lessons and wonderful experiences have shaped my ability to be more conscious and brought about a core belief in synchronicity. I notice that when I am moving in the world in a way that is in alignment with my values, when I am listening with open ears, eyes and heart, when I am able to wait patiently for the unfolding, then the truth comes through with intense clarity. It sounds so simple when I write that, but honestly I have to really work at it most of the time.

I have heard many times in science lessons that, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” When there is an open space, something is going to flow in. Applied to my journey, I strive to consciously hold space for things to flow in; I want to make sure there is room for the manifestation of my desires. If all of my time is filled with unfulfilling “busy work”, there is no room for my dreams to unfold. This is not to say that I believe in sitting idly assuming everything will just happen, but that, with clear intentions in mind and concrete action steps taken, there is value in allowing and trusting.

Most recently I have been struggling to hold space for financial prosperity obtained via meaningful work. I am seeking the work that is truly mine to do, perhaps the work for which I am fated. Sounds good but I’ve been waiting awhile, several months– long enough that “less than ideal” opportunities for income began to tempt me. One of them almost sucked me in. I could acknowledge the sense that I would be settling for something less, but letting it pass on by required a whole lot of muscle. Synchronistically, as I did let go things immediately began to shift. I could feel it almost like a hand off—I let go of that and this arrived. Supportive and meaningful work.  I can see the way forward again.

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  1. Paulita March 23, 2016

    So glad to hear that you found meaningful *and* supportive work, Lucinda. <3


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