Called To The Moment

I am sharing in a different way this time, through an original song.  This one started downloading a few weeks ago, a reflection of the experience of my journey this year.  The recording isn’t great quality, but I really wanted the music to go along with the words.  Maybe I’ll get a better recording up here before long.

In preface, my leap this year is a result of listening deeply to my heart.  Through quiet stillness and prayer, layers of my mind have slowly fallen away; layers that told me to follow the rules I was taught– get good grades, an education, a profession, work hard, save money, and some day in the far distant future I would be rewarded.  That reward could be something my heart desired, like international travel or having a home in the country.  But it was always in the future, some far off time that my heart could not imagine ever reaching. My belief as a young adult, what drove me daily, came from my head:  My dreams might some day come true if I would just work harder, and so I did.  My heart, however, went through some rough times as I sacrificed a great deal of daily happiness along the way.

I have been working on this for awhile, slowly getting closer to myself.  I have had several pivotal moments when a wisdom that seemed to originate beyond my edges influenced me.  Mostly during or right after quiet and prayerful times, or sometimes in my dreams at night, messages of various sorts have presented themselves.  Some of them were big “AH HAH!” messages, some more like whispers.  Some of them have been wrapped in the cloak of an animal messenger or a “coincidental” meeting of some sort.

Over the last several years I have dropped work, activities and relationships, that didn’t feel good to my heart, even when my head said I was crazy.  And this year I have taken a big leap of faith, suspending thoughts and listening only to my heart.  As a result, I am spending the growing season working on an organic farm in Leelanau County, Michigan, working closely with a community of people, living a very simple life in a converted tool shed, breathing in the beauty of the countryside and the Lake Michigan sunsets, walking in the woods or on the beach most days, feeling alive and real.  My heart is super happy.  My head is not in the way, most days.

A few other notes…  My lyric reference to the ball and chain is about leaving behind the weight of my former beliefs (not my precious spouse), and my never never land is the place of my heart’s longing in each moment (not the “never grow up”, Peter Pan sort).  I am called to the moment, the stillness of deep listening where my heart bubbles up like a well and informs me.  Sometimes I feel the answers in my heart center, sometimes in my gut; either way, I am responding.


Called to the moment

Words and Music: Lu Anjali (May, 2015)

I have answered…
I have answered…

I took the leap, the faithless do not understand
Those who grind the daily life at hand
Societal rules, degrees from schools,
A life of strife for future plans.

I have answered…
I have answered…

I dropped the ball and chain and ran
To my never never land
Refused the norm, the usual form
To follow the life line in my hand.

I have answered…
I have answered…

I am called to the moment
Called to the moment
I am called to the moment

In the dark of the night, there came a wise insight
From the call of the owl and the lone wolf howl
Heart on fire with my soul’s desire
All my dreams called me through.

Some would say my life is falling apart,
They’d knock me down before I start
Full of fear I should stay right here
A suffering fool with a restless heart

But I have answered…
Yes I have answered

I am called to the moment
Called to the moment
I am called, called to the moment
(All my dreams) Called to the moment…


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One thought on “Called To The Moment

  1. Sandy Cawthern July 2, 2015

    Simplicity in nature brings me profound happiness. I came to Diana’s Grove for that.


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