Reaching For The Rose

Expanding Inward

Though weather reports tell me it is still very much winter, the buds are swelling their promise of spring. Slight lengthening of days and first arrivals of seed catalogs lift my dreary-weary spirit. Wintertime reflection and integration of events of the past year always leads me to consider what is next. For longer than I can remember I have hungered for a life of simplicity, community, and intimate connection with the Earth. At times choices or circumstances have taken me closer to that dream, and other times quite far from it. Reaching my 50s the dream calls more loudly now; it has become more and more difficult to appease that desire with anything less than a large lifestyle shift. After a great deal of meditation and prayer during the time of the shortest days, I decided to take a big risk of letting go of what has been familiar and comfortable and to take a big leap toward that dream. I will be spending the 2015 growing season living and working on an organic CSA farm, an opportunity to live simply and collaboratively, to commune with the Earth and growing things, and to learn a whole lot about the production of beautiful, vibrant food. I acknowledge that this leap of faith is not of the “blind” variety, made more solid because I already had an established relationship with the farm community and farmer/owners. And made so much more feasible through the incredible support of my wife, family and friends. Making this decision reminds me of Jennet, in the ballad of Tam Lin, throwing down her seamstress work and heading for “the wild”, the place of her dreams. Like her, I have wrestled with this dream as it shape-shifted yet held fast, determined to find my way. And like her, I will not settle for less. I choose to author my life as I wish the world to recognize it.

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4 thoughts on “Reaching For The Rose

  1. star February 1, 2015

    Ahhhhh…..throwing down her seamstress” work and heading for “the wild”, the place of her dreams.”

    I can so relate as I have just changed my major from something practical and chosen for financial reasons to something that lights a fire in my belly and will afford me more freedom for authenticity.

    Can’t wait until April!

  2. Epiphany February 1, 2015

    Thank you for sharing a bit of your journey with us, Lucinda!!! Congrats on the new exciting leap into the next stage of your journey!

    I too can relate to stepping dreper into a long-held dream! In my first month of grad school, and the dreams that I have held half-frozen are thawing and stirring!!! I’m excited to be on a similar journey!!!

  3. Lucinda Anjali February 10, 2015

    So glad you are going for “the fire”! 🙂

    • Lucinda Anjali February 10, 2015

      Thanks, Epiphany. So glad you are listening deep and following your dreams!


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