Taking Stock

Cycles of the seasons seem to hold a wisdom of their own. I could get lost in looking forward to spring and warm weather, and seeing many of you as we come together to explore the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice at our first residential event.

But for now the Yule decorations are down, red and gold garland strands returned to boxes and branches of green laid upon the earth beneath bird feeders for a little shelter. A sense of sparseness has descended on the rooms accentuated by the absence of color in the landscape through the windows. Boot topping snow and lashing bitter cold wind discourage me from venturing out. In this white time I am reminded of simplicity. I do desire it deeply, quiet Halcyon days of introspection.

And I have been given a rare opportunity this winter to truly take stock. Circumstances far too improbable to be coincidental have required me to touch nearly every material possession I own within a few short weeks. What a valuable project the universe has bestowed upon me for I certainly would have never chosen this by my own free will. I am taking this invitation very seriously.

Though I travel pretty light in this realm these days, the sorting does take time and energy. At times I find myself exhausted by opening one more box of old photos or mementos; how could I possibly sort through them? Yet I do, one by one, piece by piece. And what does it matter, the looking back? Orpheus would certainly have a caution or two for me! Mostly I look forward, seeking functionality and purpose in each material thing I choose to keep. Through the lens of desired simplicity, this exercise is building muscles of discernment, and of self- compassion, too, for the need that had led me to live with so many burdens weighing me down.

All of this sorting will pass. I will move forward with less, hopefully much less, choosing to let go of much that has tied me to old ways of being and thinking, reminders of what was. I take the gifts of those times inside and release the need for material proof. What really matters is before me now. I want to live into each moment with my fullest attention. I seek to be ready, light and nimble, for whatever is next. And so a new year begins…

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  1. Paulita January 11, 2014

    Lucinda – this is very moving. thank you for sharing.


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