May Peace Be Born

It’s Christmas Eve and I just came home from seeing a movie. This is a tradition started several years ago. Sometimes we go on Christmas Eve and sometimes it’s Christmas day, but is a new tradition I enjoy. I have been working on redefining this holiday for many years.

It’s can be a loaded time for me. There have been years it was wonderful and there have been years it tore my heart apart. Often the heartbreak has overshadowed the joyful times. I miss my mom during this time of year, even though she often made this a challenging day for me. I miss the family we were when my daughters were small girls, Christmas was so easy then. But you know I also feel blessed there are things I can look back on and miss about those times in my life. Bittersweet is often how this day can be.

My absolute favorite though, is like this year. When I remember what I felt as a very young girl and many times since. This is a time when I am filled with the wonder of Love and Peace. You know the ones with the big “L” and the big “P”. When I stop and am filled head to toe with a rush of pure love energy. When I get a glimpse of what real peace is and can be. When I know these things are possible, that they exist everyday if I just open to them. This sense of wonder most often comes over me at night, in the dark when I see the light of the moon or the stars or the twinkle of house decorations in the falling snow.

This year my wish is to learn how to bring that sense of wonder into the daylight. To carry it with me through all the seasons. I believe it is possible and isn’t that half the battle, to believe something is possible?

My favorite song of this season is “O Holy Night”. The music always touched me, but when I heard it several years ago with new lyrics by Holly Near I wept. I was surprised when I found I could share it with you through this link

My wish this day… May all people be able to rise, may all voices be heard and yes please, may peace be born.

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3 thoughts on “May Peace Be Born

  1. Lenah December 26, 2013


  2. Dru Moody (Winterhawk) January 8, 2014

    Thanks for sharing this! Inspiring and beautiful, wonderful to hear this version of this music I loved since childhood. Now I can truly relate to it as who I am now.

  3. Elizabeth Wilson January 8, 2014

    I like the way you put that Winterhawk, relating to it as who I am now. Yes.


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