A couple of administrative notes

Two quick things this fine Tuesday morning:

1. You may have noticed that the menu and home page have been reorganized slightly. Namely, the Organizer Information and Newsletter pages have been moved to a new “Get Involved” menu in an effort to make them a bit more visible, and we’ve also given folks the option to sign up for the Newsletter right from the home page. Short of visiting the site regularly (which I certainly recommend), the email list is probably your best bet for keeping up to date on upcoming events and the like

2. Now that we’re through introducing our team and making a plug for event organizers, we’re left with an interesting question – namely, what is the blog for, and how often will it be updated? Well, very clever readers will notice that there are actually two questions there, but that’s neither here nor there.

Ultimately, we’d like the blog to be a space where we talk about the philosophy and magic that are at the heart of the work we offer. In an ideal world, we’ll also spark some discussion either through the comments here or on our Facebook page if there’s a post that particularly strikes a chord with folks. And, of course, as we get closer to our upcoming events you’ll likely see more about those as well.

As far as frequency is concerned, you can expect to hear from us here about twice a month, on alternating Wednesdays (beginning on August 21st, for anyone keeping track of such things). Unless, of course, we just can’t keep quiet for that long, which has been known to happen from time to time.

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One thought on “A couple of administrative notes

  1. Sherrid Wells August 14, 2013

    I’ve enjoyed the postings so far and am looking forward more postings and possible discussions.


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