Expanding Inward in your home community?

First off, thank you. We are absolutely thrilled at the response that we have been getting to our official launch of the website and Facebook page. The enthusiasm you have displayed for this work just makes us more excited to get to offer it, and I can speak for all five of us when I say that we are really looking forward to our upcoming events.

Several of you have expressed that you want to see us in your hometown – and we would love nothing more than to come visit you! The way to make that happen is to volunteer to organize a weekend intensive. We rely on community organizers to make this work possible.

Seem daunting? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. I’ll be honest – this is no small amount of work, but we will help you out as much as possible along the way:

  • We have compiled a document of “best practices” for anyone interested in organizing an Expanding Inward weekend intensive. It covers everything from finding a venue to registration. We will be happy to share it with you.
  • We’ve had the great fortune of working with a few spectacular organizers who we will gladly put you in touch with if you need any tips or tricks. Expanding Inward would not exist without these wonderful folks, and they can be excellent resources for you.
  • If you decide to host Expanding Inward in your community, we will assign an event liaison from the facilitation team to field and answer questions and make communication with all of us much easier.
  • We believe strongly in the concept of “equal energy exchange.” We’ve adopted a financial model that benefits the organizers as well as the presenters, since we consider your work equally valuable. Ask us for details.

Essentially, if you want to make this happen, we want to make this happen. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to start talking about how to bring Expanding Inward to your area. We look forward to seeing you in your home community very soon!


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