Manifesting new dreams

Come to one of our events, and you will hear us reference Diana’s Grove fairly often. Diana’s Grove was an incredibly unique place that I stumbled upon at just the right moment in time, and the community there impacted me on a hugely profound level. I first came to the Grove in my early 20’s, and I spent my entire adult life there in one capacity or another. It was home like no other place was home, even if I had to drive 500 miles to get there. When it ended, I felt a deep sense of loss, almost like losing a cherished member of my family.

I often look at the world through the lens of the Tarot. I read cards professionally, and I find that they can often provide a great metaphorical structure for the way I interact with the world. I describe the loss of the Grove as a Tower moment – the Tower being a card that signifies destruction, often as a result of events beyond our immediate control.

But in the Major Arcana (the trump cards) the card that numerically comes right after the Tower is the Star. The Star traditionally features a woman pouring water onto dry land. In my favorite version of this card, she is bringing life back to the desert. I like to call it “rebirth with experience.” We take what we know and shape it into something new. We honor our roots, but we allow what grows above to flourish and thrive in its new environment. We pour the waters of a dream onto the barren land in order for new life to grow. This is the best way I can describe what starting this endeavor with Expanding Inward feels like to me. The Star shines new light on the shattered remains of the Tower.

I can’t help but marvel at the potential here. What will we honor and what will we embrace? What will we imagine and what will we tend? I find personal growth in a community context to be so incredibly empowering, and I am looking forward to exploring these new landscapes together with the allies I have met and the allies I have yet to meet. If you are called to join us, then I am truly excited to see how our collective and individual dreams feed each other. That feels like magic just waiting to happen.

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2 thoughts on “Manifesting new dreams

  1. pamela August 9, 2013

    Beautiful. Beautiful image, beautiful dream, beautiful potential. I’m delighted to read this…and I miss you.

    • River Roberts August 10, 2013

      I miss you, too, Pamela. Lots. But I am so grateful that we got a chance to connect at the Descent of Inanna event, and I really hope we get to see you at another one in the near future. (I am pretty excited about what’s currently on the calendar!)


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